TechTrack Single-Axis Trackers

Sensor-based, IoT technology in every array enables Dynamic Stabilization - reduces steel by 17% & ensures pricing is more reliable than competitors.

Accelerate installation times without custom tools.

  • Active Dynamic Stabilizers Dissipate Energy

    In response to real-time conditions, improving the structural response over time. Distributed data accumulation coupled with centralized analytical insights provide unmatched predictive intelligence to inform operations and maintenance teams and optimize energy production.
  • Drop-in torque tubes

    Efficient patented design strategically supports panels in a way that helps minimize overall system material.
  • Same post size throughout the row

    Consistent & symmetrical design simplifies installation & maintenance. With a single motor & controller rotate arrays hundreds of feet long.

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CoroSolar supports tracker projects of 500 kW and above. Contact us to learn more about our solutions and a team member will reach out to discuss the options best-suited to your specific project needs.
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