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CoroSolar Awarded Patent for Bearing Assembly for Solar Trackers

June 28, 2021 PHOENIX, AZ--COROSOLAR LLC, a solar tracking technology company based in Phoenix, AZ, has been awarded US patent number 11,035,591 covering CoroSolar's unique bearing design for single-axis solar trackers.

The invention enables the payload of mounted solar modules to be balanced allowing rotation about the center of gravity. This reduces the energy required to rotate the array as compared to other tracker providers in the industry. Traditional balanced tracker designs require a gap between solar modules and may protrude above the plane of the array. CoroSolar's low profile bearing assembly sits beneath solar modules, allowing for greater PV module density and layout flexibility. The bearing utilizes a self-lubricating tribopolymer with no roller elements enabling maintenance-free operation for the lifetime of the tracker system.

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